give ’em the juice!

We all know we should be eating tons of fruits and veggies, or at least that’s what we’re told and sometimes abide by.  But why extract just the liquid of said fruits and vegetables, leaving behind a goopy pulp, and drink it?  Well, for one, it’s delicious.  Also, maybe your sister and her husband got you a juicer for your birthday and you really wanted to try it out.  And, because you may have suspected you were getting a juicer for your birthday and mentioned it to your thoughtful friend, you also got The Juicing Bible for your birthday, in which you read the following real reasons for juicing:

  1. Enzymes, phytochemicals, and vitamins A, C, and E are trapped in the indigestible fiber in some fruits and vegetables.  Once “liberated” in the juicing process, your body can absorb these nutrient goodies way faster and more efficiently.
  2. Raw juice supplies water to replenish lost fluid in the cells of your body, while also supplying essential nutrients (whereas plain ol’ water would just do the fluid part).
  3. Because the fiber is removed during extraction, raw juice has a laxative effect (Hey-oh! Careful with this one.) which helps rid the body of toxins.

The book also details everything you can do with the pulp left behind, but that info will have to be for another post at another time.  The pulp left behind in my first juicing attempts got fed to my new disposal (courtesy of Fred, my new landlord, who is way too comfortable stopping by and hanging out but who did replace the sink that I damaged in a failed experiment with paint remover, so who am I to complain?).  Some day, I will compost.  That is all.

Here’s the book and the victims about to be pulverized, much of which came courtesy of my Tanaka Farms bi-weekly bounty:

The first batch was one orange, several carrots, and a hunk of ginger.  It’s incredible how little juice comes out of all that produce.  But don’t despair! That little glass of juice is nutrient PACKED.  And delicious.

Next, I tried an apple, more carrots, and some kale.  The kale gave it an earthy flavor and turned the whole thing green.  It tasted great and looked cool too! Who doesn’t want to drink green juice?! Come on, guys!

I added some ice cubes because the produce was room temp, so the juice of course was too.  Do you think I could make a pitcher of juice all at once and keep it in the fridge?

Stay tuned for more juiceventures!


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