easy bok choy and google reader dread

Can I just say that sometimes, my Google Reader stresses me the !@#$ out?  First of all, I can’t stand to see the numbers of new posts rack up.  Sometimes I don’t even read any new ones- I literally scroll through until the number goes down to zero and I can finally relax.  Any time I leave town or have limited computer access for an extended period of time, I dread reopening the Reader and seeing how much amazing stuff has accumulated for me to read.  Why does something that is supposed to be pleasure turn into something that feels like work so quickly?  Then sometimes it’s just the sheer volume of new ideas  consumed at once that overwhelms me.  There just isn’t enough time for everything I want to do.  You know?

I think the real reason for this post was not the above mini-rant, but to tell you about the super easy and surprisingly delicious bok choy I made the other night.  This Chinese cabbage relative showed up in my CSA last week and baffled many of my co-workers that received boxes as well.  It’s common in Asian cuisine, but I guess not something people generally grab at the market to cook with.  After some VegWeb sleuthing, I decided I could throw something together.

The produce participants (please excuse them as they have not yet bathed in this photo):

That would be a Maui sweet onion, fresh GARLIC with the chives still attached (the beauty of the CSA- I didn’t even know garlic looked like this when it came out of the ground), and the bok choy. Here’s the process:

  1. Chop the trio and throw them into a pan or work with one tablespoon each olive oil and rice vinegar. I really just used the bulb of the garlic, but the chives are totally usable too.
  2. Add some grated ginger and push it all around until the bok choy starts to soften.  Ginger is something I never thought I was capable of cooking with, but it’s really not a big deal.  Buy the root in the produce section, chop off a hunk, and use a citrus zester to add however much you want.
  3. Finish with a drizzle of soy sauce (I used VERY little and the flavor went super far) and some toasted sesame seeds.  I bought mine already toasted, but you could also do ’em up in a pan on the stove or in the oven.
  4. Put on top of some brown rice (a microwavable bag from Trader Joe’s makes this step nonexistent) and enjoy!

I was blown away by how easy this was and how authentic it tasted.  Success.

I’m off to read the unread posts on my Google Reader left for me after my week away. 277 bits of info on topics that interest me from writers that I love…ugh.


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