Just a quick post to brag about the lunch I’m eating right now.  Lunch is usually a really hard meal for me during the school year.  Like most people, I have to pack what I want to eat ahead of time and rarely have time to eat out (which is fine for money/health purposes).  Leftovers are a great idea, and I generally have a lot of them since I only cook for my own little self (wahmp wahmp), so much so that I get sick of whatever I’ve prepared and can’t bring myself to eat it all week.  Sooo…yeah, cry me a river, eating lunch is hard sometimes, the end.  Moral of the story, reason #229,583,482 I’m thankful it’s summer right now, is that I get the luxury of preparing my lunch at home and not having to think ahead.  Here’s what you need to know about this wrap:

  • Whole wheat flax tortilla, microwaved for about 10 seconds to soften it up
  • Hummus, spread in a thin layer over the tortilla
  • Red leaf lettuce- thanks CSA!
  • Tomato- woo CSA!
  • Maui sweet onion- CSA is the best!
  • Apple, sliced very thin- seriously, sign up for a CSA box.
  • Avocado
  • Queso fresco- a light, salty, crumbly Mexican cheese that I love love love.  You can use it almost anywhere you’d use feta, and it makes a great quesadilla.
  • TEMPEH! Let me introduce you if you haven’t already met my Indonesian friend, Tempeh.  Tempeh, like tofu, is a fermented soy product; however, since it retains the soybean in its whole form, it has more protein, fiber, vitamins, and whole-food swagger than tofu.  It’s also a lot firmer and more dense (it usually has other grain, nuts, or veggies incorporated into it), making it a great meat substitute.  Although, I have to say, I’m not one that feels like I have to have something to replace meat in a meal (especially when it’s replaced with something like seitan, which is just wheat gluten and arguably not great for you in mass quantities).  Plants have protein, and I eat plants.  But tempeh does offer some substantial texture in a vegetarian meal that might be mostly mush without it.  It’s also delicious.

tempeh, browned in a pan with a bit of oilve oil. you can eat it raw, too!


aaaand lunchtime (I had chips, too).


Come to think of it, this could probably be a feasible school-year lunch if I plan ahead and make sure my fridge is stocked with all of the goodies that make it so GOOD. Don’t be a weenie; try tempeh! Happy Friday!



6 thoughts on “lunchtime

  1. What’s your tempeh source? I have had a disgustingly hard time finding it. Pavilion’s has a massive selection of every kind of tofu (including tofu dogs and the like), and that’s it. Trader Joe’s ain’t got none either. Is Whole Foods my only choice?

    P.S. Do you shop at Co-opportunity?

  2. gasp, co-opportunity sounds amazing- tell me more! and as for tempeh, i’m pretty much a whole foods junkie so indeed, that is where i’ve been getting it. i didn’t realize it wasn’t mainstream enough to be in regular grocery stores… that stinks.


    It’s pretty close to you! The only co-op I’ve been to in LA. Their bulk goods are good, but not necessarily better than Whole Foods, really (though it depends which WF). What I really want are bulk toiletries and cleaning supplies, but that’s hard to find. Health codes make it stupid-hard to let people refill liquid goods.

    I liked it but didn’t join, it wasn’t crunchy enough for me.

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